As you can see, the process of power flushing a heating system is complex, but we are very good at carrying this out and recommend that it be carried-out before any new boiler is installed.

1. Power Flushing is a high flow-rate, but low-pressure cleansing method using modern efficient cleaning chemicals. The boiler, the warm water cylinder coil (exc combination boilers) and every radiator is cleaned individually.Keep in mind just how little room is needed as well as how well we safeguard your home.

2. The Magnaclean “Vibraclean” device loosens up sludge from radiators so it is ready to be purged out.There are 4 kinds of sludge and also they can be an excellent overview of the state of your heating system.

3. Taking PH readings of the acidity/alkalinity of tap water and the water in the system– these should be the same. Additionally screening for Totally Disolved Solids (TDS) in the tap water. After power flushing the TDS reading of the system has to be close to that of the tap water.

4. Two magnets are made use of to make certain that all sludge is eliminated, no matter which way the water in the system is flowing. These magnets show the hard sludge and rust that was eliminated during othe flushing process.

5. We protect the flooring covering and bordering furnishings: a dust sheet is put down, after that a polythene sheet followed by another dust sheet, then the machinery is put inside a plastic “bund”, like a yard paddling swimming pool, so that if any splilling should happen it will all be contained in the bund.

6. Including neutraliser as we finish the cleaning process. This neutralises any acid left in the system and also makes the discharge of the old system water right into the sewage system much more eco-friendly.

7. Taking temperature readings to guarantee that there is an uniform temperature over the whole surface area of the radiator– i.e. no cold areas

8. Wherever feasible we use the powerflushing tools outdoors to minimise the threat of any type of mess in your home.

If you know someone who lives outside of our catchment area we are very happy to recommend the specialist power flush firm who were one of the first specialist power flush plumbers in the country. (The infographic above is reproduced here with their permission.)

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